2019 Kingston Program

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Men’s Program 2019-20




March 30th             Jim Osborne Memorial Trophy Stoke and Putting

                            (Winter  Opening)


April 6th             PPHS Trophy Stroke & Putting 

                    1st Qualifying round club  Championships 

                     1st Round Peters Family Trophy

April 13th    J & R Higgins trophy Stroke & Putting (MH)

                       2st  Round Peters Family Trophy

                 2ndRound Club Championship

April 14th Kingston Open 2nd Round B Handicap Pennants Kingston

        20           Easter Saturday Club Day Stableford

        25            Anzac Day shield  Stableford


    27        Cooper Family Trophy Stroke & Putting (MH)

                    3rd Round Peters Family Trophy

                    3rd round club championship



May 4th               Club Day – 4BBB Stableford

May 5th 3rd Round B handicap Pennants Mount Gambier

11th       M Broadby Trophy Stroke & Putting  

          4th Round Club Championship   

          Qualifying Round Starling Cup – 16 to Qualify

         1st Round Adrian Gibbs Trophy & Veterans Trophy

         4th Round Peters Family Trophy


18th  Semi Final Club Championship

         Club day Stableford


19th Final Club Championship ABC & D


25th          OTR Trophy--- Stableford



1st          Captains Trophy Stroke & Putting (MH)

             2nd Round Adrian Gibbs Trophy & Veterans Trophy

      1st Elimination final Round Starling Cup (Played on or before 1st June)

8th            Milan Hodak Trophy --- Stableford

15th   Walters of Kingston Trophy - 4 Ball Stableford Aggregate

          Qualifying Round Pinkerton Trophy (8 Pairs to Qualify)

16th         4th Round B handicap Pennants Penola

22nd        Club Day Stableford

             2nd Elimination Round Starling Cup

                (On of before 22nd June)

29th         Club Trophy Stableford

           1st Elimination round Pinkerton Trophy

             (On or before 29th June)


30th   5th Round B Handicap Pennants Lucindale



6th         D & A Hyland Trophy Stableford

            Semi Final Starling Cup (played on or before 6th July)


7th             6th Round B handicap Pennants Blue Lake

13th         Caltex Roadhouse Trophy Stableford

14th         Final Round B Handicap Pennants Mount Gambier

20th       Limestone Coast Spreading/Robe Ice Trophy 

                 Stroke and Putting(MH)

21st Final B Handicap Pennants Venue to be Decided


27th      Presidents Trophy Stableford

     Final Starling Cup (Played on or before 27th July) 


3rd            Club Day     Stroke & Putting

      2nd Elimination Round Pinkerton Trophy (played on or before 3rd)

10th       Bob Fergusson Trophy Stroke & Putting (MH)

           3rd Round Adrian Gibbs and veterans Trophy

17th       Norfolk Rise Trophy Par

24th          Max Rothall Trophy Stroke & Putting (MH)

           4th Round Adrian Gibbs Trophy & Veterans Trophy

31st        Tiver Trophy Stableford Final Pinkerton Trophy

               (Played on or before 31st August)



7th   Popes Hardware Trophy Stableford

14th   Cape Jaffa Wines Trophy Par


15th        Kingston Mixed Ambrose

21st        Edwards Auto Stroke & Putting (MH)

            5th Round Adrian Gibbs Trophy & Veterans Trophy


28th     Quality Wool Trophy Stableford



5th          Opening Remodeled Course Club Day    Stableford

12th        Landmark Trophy Stroke & Putting (MH)

         6th Round Adrian Gibbs Trophy & Veterans Trophy


19th               Rosebush Trophy Bisque Par

26th        Swampys Marine & Tackle Trophy Multiplied Stableford


November (Summer Season)

2nd          Smiley Car wash trophy 

              Stroke and putting

            1st Round Crown Inn Trophy


9th       Kingston Pharmacy Trophy 

             Stableford Veterans vs Rest

16th         Jim & Julie Little Trophy       Par

23rd         Kingston Electrical & Renovator Centre Trophy Stableford

            1st Round Lacepede Seafood Trophy


30th        Kingsley Parker Trophy Stroke & Putting



7th           Club Trophy Stroke & Putting 1st Round Summer Cup

14th         Vandepeer Memorial Ham & Turkey – Stableford

           2nd Round Lacepede Seafood Trophy


21st      Kingston Foodland Trophy Stableford

          1st Round Royal Mail Trophy

28th          B & A Madex Trophy    Stableford



4th     Ray White Trophy

          Stroke and Putting


       2nd Round Summer Cup


11th    William Wilks Trophy Stableford

           2nd Round Royal Mail Trophy


18th     Naracoorte Toyota Trophy Stroke & Putting

            2nd Round Crown Inn Trophy


24th-25th Kingston IGA/Lambrook trophy

              Mens & Ladies & Mixed Pairs Ambrose

26th          Kingston Mens 27 Hole Ambrose


1st           SM Watts Electrical Trophy Stableford

                Final Round Seafood Trophy

8th           Kevin Wright Plumbing Trophy

                Stroke & Putting

               Final Round Summer Cup


15th                Hello World Travel Trophy Par

22nd-29th Southern Ports Golf Week



7th     Peter Paige Trophy Stroke & Putting


             Final Round Crown Inn Trophy


14th      Green Keepers Day Stableford

          Final Round Royal Mail Hotel

21st          K & B Adams Trophy      Irish Stableford






February: Southern Ports Feb 22 - 29th 2020

March: Southern Ports – Feb 22 – March 2rd

           6-7 -  Mary Cudmore Bowl – Naracoorte

           20 -  Opening Day Stableford

          27 -  1st Round Patroness Trophy. Par, FTF


         3 – 1st Round Presidents Trophy. 1st Round Qualifying Championship.                             Stroke and Putting

         10 – 1st Round Captains Trophy. Stableford

         17 – 2nd Round Qualifying Championship Stroke

         24 - The Candy Shop Trophy  . Stableford

         25 – Anzac Shield


         1 – 3rd Round Qualifying Championship. 1st Round P Osborne trophy, International Bowl, SE Medallion, Club Medal, Veterans. Stroke and Putting

         3 – Robe Open Day

         8 – Club Foursomes – Off the Stick, Shylie Rymill Foursomes – Handicap

        10 – Penola Open Day

        15 – 4th Qualifying Round Championships Stroke

        17 – Semi Finals

        19 – Club Championships

        21 – Beachport Open Day

        22 – Crown Inn Hotel Stableford FTF

        24 - Bordertown Open

        29 – 2nd Round P Osborne Trophy Stroke and Putting

        30 - Blue Lake Open


         3 – Cudmore Salver – Kingston

-          Cormack Salver – Casterton

         5 – Kingston Electrical and Renovator Centre Trophy. International Bowl,                       SE Medallion, Club Medal, Veterans. Stroke FTF and Putting

         12 – Greta Rothall Trophy. Stableford

         14 – Keith Open Day

          19 – 2nd Round Presidents Trophy.  Stroke and Putting

          24 – District Foursomes – Lucindale

          26 – 2nd Round Patroness Trophy. Par. FTF


         1 - 36+ Day Mt Gambier

         3 – 2nd Round Captains Trophy. Stableford

         4 – Lucindale Open Day

        10 – 3rd Round International Bowl, SE Medallion, Club Medal, Veterans.                         3rd Round P Osborne Trophy Stroke and Putting

       17– Greenkeepers Day Stableford

        23– 25– Country Week

        24 – Pink Ball Day

        31 - 9 Holes Golf andClubhouse cleanup day


         1 – Kingston Open Day

         7 –  Club Day. Par. FTF

         9 – Naracoorte Open Day

         14– Asian Inspirations Trophy Stableford

         21 – Morrow Pin Best Nett Stroke and Putting

         28 – Pinkerton Butchery trophy. Stableford. FTF


         4 – 3rd Round Patroness Trophy Par

         6 – Millicent Open Day

         11 – 3rd Round Captains Trophy Stableford

         13 – 14 – SE Ambrose, Holden Scramble – Lucindale

         18 – 3rd Round Presidents Trophy, Club Medal, Veterans. Stroke and                            Putting

         19 – Close Penola

         24 – Mt Gambier Open

         25 – Dewberry Cottage Trophy. Stableford and FTF


         2 – President V Captain. Stableford

         9 – KB Chiropractic Trophy. Best Nett Stroke

         16 – Kingston Post Office Trophy Stableford

         22 – Golf SE AGM Meeting Naracoorte

         23 – Closing Day














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